A Brief Introduction of IDEAL PEST MANAGEMENT Pest Control

IDEAL PEST MANAGEMENT is the organization as group of professionally trained, qualifies and experienced team, Director PYAR SINGH SOLANKI ( B.Sc. Biotech, MBA-Marketing) of many Years of pest control field experience. Dedicate to provide effective and economical treatment to our costumer. We are committed to provide a high quality of services and customer satisfaction. INTERGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT We are committed to the principals of INTERGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT which, while achieving effective pest management, will minimize the potential for exposure to pesticides.

Our mission of making the country aware of pest’s threats, its preventions and its eliminations. Pest related problems of any kind cannot be solved unless people are aware of pests and pest control. More than half the battle is won by making everybody aware of pest problems and control measures.

Complete Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

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